Theatre Hotel Courage


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06/20/2019 - 18:00 - 06/20/2019 - 19:00 Europe/Amsterdam


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A virtuoso performance with actors and musicians from all over the world about how they tragically and comically survive in the world of today.

Theatre Hotel Courage is the international theatre company of Katrien van Beurden settled in Amsterdam. From here the team of actors and musicians travel all over the world to collect stories on how to live and survive in the world of today.

They traveled from war zones in the Middle East to the richest oil families in the USA and from the African slums to the Indian Rotary club. Also in the Netherlands, they go into communities, from female prisons to Amsterdam societies, to collect and share personal stories. With their theater, THC connects all layers of society in both their hometown of Amsterdam and all over the world. They share the personal stories of the citizens of the city and create sustainable connections to make our city and society a better place.

These stories take shape in a unique, self-developed theatre style in which characters from all layers of society are represented, such as the old lady, the dictator, the manager, and the refugee.

When they enter in a community they ask the question: “Which archetype are you? In which archetype do you recognize someone from your surroundings? And with these questions, they unravel and share inspiring personal stories. The theatre of THC is a virtuoso, non-rational and tragicomical theatre that connects from playfulness shows difficult and urgent themes and makes them approachable to a broad audience. The company exists of – and is supported by – among others, Sacha Muller, Aqil Dahhan, Anne Fé de Boer, Remy van Kesteren and Chandana Sarma.

Wende Snijders, musician, actress: “The necessity, the enthusiasm and the love with which this group of people together searches for a connection with the other, passing continents and borders, is masterly. I am grateful that this is made.”

Stef Collignon, business director Amerborgh Nederland: “THC makes highly artistic theater that is accessible to all layers of society. Van Beurden has created, with her passion and her entrepreneurial attitude, a theater in which most diverse people are connected together as if completely naturally.”

Jeroen de Man, director Het Nationale Theater:‘What this group dares is no more than admirable. A bundling of pleasurable craftmanship combined with the courage of the highest power. The result: A hilarity that smacks you both in content and emotionally on the forehead. I am a fan!”



3 Vondelpark


Amsterdam 1071 AA