The Difference: 'Give a Little' Event


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06/21/2019 - 18:00 - 06/21/2019 - 21:00 Australia/Perth


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Zara Torre
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The Difference is a tech-start up with registered charity status as a NFP.
We aim to create a digital platform to round up the spare change from any online transaction and give 'the difference' to carefully vetted charities.
What if you were paying a water bill, and could round up 37 cents for a Water Project in Africa?
Can you imagine the Difference all our micro-transactions could make.
Worldwide we make 38.5 Billion e-commerce transactions per year. If we each round-up and give to worthy projects, what if we could really address some of global challenges that are faced, Poverty, Economic difficulty, lack of access to health and Education, and climate change!
Spare change can change lives.
We launch a crowdfunding campaign to engage users on the road to world changing behaviour in the fin-tech sector.
On 21 June, we thank you with an event to support the work in creating a functional mobile application.
Support our cause, together we can make a Difference!



Purpose Studio, Level 3

The Difference
256 Adelaide Terrace
6000 WA