Appreciative Enquiry in Coaching


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06/17/2019 - 18:30 - 06/17/2019 - 20:30 Asia/Singapore


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Using Appreciative Enquiry in Coaching

As coaches I wonder how many of us have asked our Coachee the following question - “Today what did you enjoy the most”?

Don’t you feel this question would have inspired the Coachee to think differently about their experience with the world? Rather than following their natural tendency to focus on all the wrong things and the negatives. With one simple question we change the Coachee's focus.

With this question you will see how cheerfully the Coachee expresses their experience and how differently they feel about it. This experience and emotion will not come from a simple routine question “How was your day today”? Positive questions always psychologically lead to positive responses.

Thus when we and the Coachee look at the brighter sides of lives we start appreciating the beauty of life and start focusing on our strengths. Appreciative Inquiry is a very powerful tool to have these positive conversations and help the Coachee to reflect and gain positive insights.

Dr. Suman Nair Managing Director of Atiitya Training & HR Consultants Pvt Ltd introduces us to one more concept of Appreciative Inquiry and how to use this during our coaching conversations



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