Sibiu: Open Source Circular Economy days


A journey to learn from one another how the circular economy and its open variant are an opportunity for entrepreneurs, makers, craftspeople, and citizens alike: how we can overcome obstacles to sustainability; or how social and ecological principles can be implemented in practice.


Despite instilling new values for more sustainable societies that in principle are easy to agree with, in practice “Open Source” and “Circular economy” are buzz words which risk being discarded by communities on the basis of being radical, dangerous for the status quo (e.g. too costly for business as usual) or simply too cryptic.

The OSCEDays Sibiu is a one day event bringing together practitioners and passionate citizens making the switch to a more resource-efficient economy. Our main guests are leaders in larger or smaller initiatives and businesses, who know a thing or two about sustainability as they are already walking the talk and facing a number of challenges. We welcome participation by anyone interested to share knowledge, learn from each other and critically challenge one another, or simply dive deep into unknown grounds.


(yes, ladies & gents: we have a plan for the day!)

Part I. Towards Common Language: intro (9:30 – 12:00)

1 | Challenge: Why do you care about circular economy? The open source model: why collaborate or give public access to designs, blueprints or source codes? 1hr
Facilitated by Noemi Salantiu, Co-founder and community manager, EdgeRyders
With Chris Foster, environmental management consultant, life cycle assessment specialist, Director at EuGeos, UK Partner openLCA Network

2 | Challenge: Circular cities (approach to be determined) 1hr 30mins
Open debate:

Andrei Bejan, Lecturer Romstal Academy
Felicia si Marius Ienculescu-Popovici, Greenitiative

Raluca Fiser, President Green Revolution
Dorin Beu, President, Romania Green Building Council
Andreea Tanase, Architect, Heritas Foundation
Moderator: Iulian Ifrim, Social business consultant and trainer

Part II. Imagining Futures: case studies from entrepreneurs, designers, craftspeople, product developers and makers (14:00 – 18:00)

3 | Challenge: How can we close the loop of a product from production to distribution/ consumption and reducing waste to zero? 1hr 30mins
Open debate:

Alina Floroi, Head Cook at Laborazon Makerspace 

Mircea Ilie, Sustainability Leader, IKEA România
Ionut Tata, Co-founder, Corina Stirbu, Head of communications, QUIB
Irina Breniuc, Founder, Pimp the Garbage
Silvia Leahu-Aluas via skype, Sustainable Manufacturing and Circular Economy Consultant,
OSCEDays Global Team
Moderator: Teia Ciulacu, President ViitorPlus/ Atelierul de Pânză/ Recicleta

4| Challenge: How do we hack our lifestyles as circular “consumers”?  1hr 30mins
Workshop led by Dan Fofiu-Sanpetreanu, Casa de Cultură Permanentă

Wrap Up Circle 30mins

*** ALL-DAY INTERLUDES “Ideas-on-display” – 5 mins pitching and showcasing creative ideas in Sibiu & from around the country
Led by Iulian Ifrim.


Participation at OSCEDays Sibiu is free of charge. In the spirit of OSCEDays, participants will be asked to share their notes and what they are learning. We’re also looking for photographers and storytellers to help document and share insights with other communities. Want to help? Write to



June 10, 2016 at 9:30am - 6pm
Astra Library
George Barițiu 7
corp B, sala etaj 5
Sibiu 550178
Google map and directions

Will you come?

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