June Food Swap

On Sunday June 12th, we will be heading back to the wonderful Green's Windmill for another Food Swap! The swap will start at 1pm and last for about 2 hours. There will be room to bring samples of your food to share. There will also be a "Free" table to bring bottles/jars or anything else may be of use to fellow swappers. You can also head on up the mill and buy some fresh flour from the mill shop.

So if you grow, make or forage your own food, you can bring it along and swap it for other delicious items on offer!

If you've never been to a food swap before:

Before you arrive: all items need to be divided into "swappable" quantities as we generally swap things on a one for one basis, so 1 jar of jam = 1 box of eggs = 1 loaf of bread = 1 bag of apples...of course, this isn't set in stone and bartering is acceptable! With this in mind, the more items you bring, the more items you will go away with! Items need to be packaged so that it is easy for people to see what is on offer and so the items can be easily transported home by other swappers.

Anything home grown, homemade or foraged can be included so let your creative side out! Examples of things people have brought along to past swaps are: dips, pesto, cakes, bread, chutney, jam, pickles, eggs, fresh produce, plants, liqueurs, crumbles, empanadas, cordials...

You might also like to bring a bit extra so that people can sample your food, we always have space for a tasting table! This is also a great way to get to know other swappers and have a chat.

On the day: please arrive on time, or early, if you are late you potentially miss out on all the best items!

When you arrive you will display your items and fill in "swap cards" which tell people what the items on offer are and what ingredients you have used. Once everyone is set up you go around the table putting your name on the swap card of any item that you like the look of! Once everyone has had a chance to look at everything on offer and had a good chin-wag, then the swapping starts...you take a look at the offers on your swap cards and see if the people that want your goodies have anything you would like! This part of the proceedings is usually quite hectic and noisy!

After a bit more chatting you get to leave with an amazing haul of delicious goodies and hopefully, some new friends!

For any more information and details of other upcoming events please email homegrownexchange@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter @foodswapaholic or look for the Home Grown Exchange facebook page

Terms & Conditions:

Tickets are for the Swapper only - so if you're bringing partner/ kids etc no need to register them.

You must be over 18 to register as a Swapper. Under 18s are welcome to participate in the event under the supervision of a parent or guardian who has registered.

If you register for a ticket and then can't make it, please let us know so we can release your place!

This is a community event, and as such, to participate you are acknowledging that the food being swapped has not been prepared in commercial kitchens subject to Food Standards Agency certification. With this in mind, we ask that you take great care to bring only food prepared to the highest of standards and agree not to hold liable the food swap hosts, swap venue owners or other swap participants should you be in any way dissatisfied with or adversely affected by any goods you receive. (And remember, if you don't like the look of it, you don't have to take it! Everyone understands that tastes differ and not everyone enjoys the same foods, no-one will be offended if you turn down a swap!

June 12, 2016 at 1pm - 3pm
Green's Windmill
31 Windmill Ln
Nottingham, N62 4QB N62 4QB
United Kingdom
Google map and directions

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