Edinburgh: Open Source Circular Economy days

The intention for the session here in Edinburgh is to bring together a range of people, from experts to those that are curious about the concepts, and have an interesting and informal talk about the subject of Open Source and Circular Economy. The day will relate to local and individual projects as well as global initiatives and goals. The session will run in two halves, with Ferial Moos-Puren of Ignite Life Community leading the first half of the day and myself Amy the second.

The basic outline for the second half of the days is to create a large working map of connected areas, including case studies, innovations and challenges. This map will serve as a record of the session, but also as a collection of information that can be used to begin creating a toolbox for future reference, for businesses and individuals looking to work with these concepts. The basic outline is as follows:


– Who are OSCEdays…?
– Who am I/are we…?
– Who are you…?



– What is Open Source/ What is Circular Economy …?
– What else links to these models … Crowd Sourcing, C2C, Collaborative Consumption etc etc…?
– What do they all mean…?
– What are the core values …?
– What does creative thinking/design have to do with this…?



– Where are these ideas being implemented, and by whom…?
– Mapping of case studies, local and global
– How do we understand how our decisions here affect others elsewhere…?



– What are the timelines for these projects…?
– How do we anticipate future uses and deal with current and historical issues…?
– Measuring success and issues



– Why is this important, what is the impact of people, places and sustainability worldwide…?
– Why does this sense as a business, can these models really even work as a viable business?



– How do we communicate these ideas, between different groups…?
– How do we set up these businesses, and support these systems …?
– How do we fund this type of business, and how do we keep it running …?
– How do we measure success/failure and impact …?
– How do we innovate and continue to find new ideas…?

Get in touch with:

Amy Ward: amy.ward.design@gmail.com

June 12, 2016 at 9am - 5pm
Edinburgh Palette
151 London Rd
Edinburgh EH7 6AE
United Kingdom
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