Sharing Week in Copenhagen

Danish Architecture Center have startet the project called "Deleby" translated: Sharing City.
Sharing City focuses on how the sharing economy can improve danish cities and towns by sharing the resources available. Sharing City peaks the 2nd to 11th of June during The Sharing Week.
The Sharing Week takes place in seven different cities: Middelfart, Frederikssund, Nyborg, Slagelse, Sønderborg, Lejre and Copenhagen. In cooperation with Danish Architecture Center the municipality of each city will discuss some local challenges: e.g. how the sharing economy can combat the waste of food in the city. By activating local innovators and entrepreneurs an attempt can be made to solve these local challenges.

June 02, 2016 at 4pm - June 11, 2016
Seven different locations in Denmark: Middelfart, Frederikssund, Nyborg, Slagelse, Sønderborg, Lejre and Copenhagen
Denmark: Middelfart Frederikssund Nyborg Slagelse Sønderborg Lejre and Copenhagen Contact Anne Grave on agr@dacdk for more infomation
Denmark 5500
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Deleby Copenhagen

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