Sitting and Walking in Peace and Silence Towards a New World

We live in what has been diagnosed as the "society of fatigue", which is increasingly suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, attention deficit and hyperactivity.

We cannot keep going on like this. Our civilization, created by all of us, is destroying our lives with inhuman rhythms of work, which mainly aims at the production and consumption of useless and harmful things, to the profit of minorities protected by governments, resulting in the Earth's pollution, in destruction of natural resources, in the sacrifice of ecosystems and animal lives and fatal climate changes. We do not have time for anything, except to work and be stuck in a thousand worries about the past, present and future that prevent us from enjoying life as it offers itself, always new, in every moment.

It is now time to change. It is time to discover the immense benefits of silence, inner peace, mindfulness and meditation. It is time to rediscover the contemplative life and its enormous capacity to regenerate and make give to the active life. It is time to assume that without spirituality – that is, without the fraternal awakening of consciousness, which does not necessarily imply religion – personal and social life loses meaning. It is time to assume that, without awaken and pacified mind and heart, all attempts to change the world are part of the problem and not the solution.

As a way of giving public testimony that there are more and more people awaken to these issues, since 2012 and in several Portuguese cities, the Circle of Inter-Being holds a silent and meditative meeting and walk. We will be in Lisbon on Saturday, June 4, from 16:00 to 17:00 in the statue of Rossio and then we will walk slowly and quietly toward the statue of Terreiro do Paço, where we will proceed to share experiences, ideas and proposals to continue other initiatives aimed at finding alternative ways for a New World.





Spread the word and bring many friends.

As always, we urge that the initiative can be multiplied in other cities and localities.

The Circle of Inter-Being

June 04, 2016 at 4pm - 7pm
Lisboa: Rossio | Porto: Praça dos Leões | Braga: Parque da Ponte
Lisbon, BC 01100
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