WeChat, the Social Share

In its latest article, Forbes praises what WeChat lets its users do; “They can shop, hail a ride or book a hotel — right there while they are chatting with friends,” and blatantly calls for Facebook to copy it. The Economist is equally impressed by how this super-app has become Chinese users’ default home on the smartphone, calling it “One app to rule them all.”

Whenever the need arises to reach Chinese consumers, or simply reach out to the growing number of WeChat users worldwide, you need to get equipped with the latest tools WeChat has to offer!

This session I'll share with you

  1. What is WeChat?
  2. Who is WeChat user?
  3. Why you need WeChat?
  4. Where can you find WeChat user?
  5. When you should use WeChat to market?
  6. How can WeChat help your business /sales.

Who’s it for?

  1. Business Enterprises 
    Seeking to reach out China/ Chinese market.
  2. Marketing Professionals 
    Stand one step ahead of your peers knowing this Chinese social media.
  3. Career Changers 
    Attempting to start an exciting career in a creative and analytical industry.

By reservation only!

Seats limit to 20, register now!

June 06, 2017 at 3pm - 5pm
Warren Teh

Will you come?

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