About Global Sharing Week

Global Sharing Week is about helping millions discover and participate in the real Sharing Economy, a movement that promotes the sharing of resources, the importance of community, cooperative enterprises, commons-based projects and building a healthy, sustainable society based around sharing. 

Created by The People Who Share, Global Sharing Week has reached over 100 million people worldwide with over 220 registered events on every continent. Alongside founding partner Shareable, we work with a network of over 300 partners to shine a spotlight on the growing Sharing Economy to enable millions more to discover how sharing can transform lives. Global Sharing Week 2017 takes place 4th-11th June.

To learn about more ways to get involved for next year, check out our Resources page.

Please remember to post photos of your event on the Global Sharing Week Flickr page

How it all started…

n 2012, The People Who Share organized National Sharing Day—a day to celebrate sharing and encourage people to share. National Sharing Day was a huge success and became Global Sharing Day that same year. In June 2015 we decided to go bigger, and we created Global Sharing Week with activities and campaigns happening all over the world. The success of Global Sharing Week 2014 and 2015 grew from a small gathering of people in the UK to millions participating worldwide. You can see photos of Global Sharing Week 2015, 2016 and there you’ll also find our list of partners.

Check out the reports from the previous years here: 

Global Sharing Week 2015 Report  

Global Sharing Day 2014 Report


If you have any questions after reading our Resources page or are have any other question, please get in touch with our team: 

Benita Matofska - benita@thepeoplewhoshare.com (english)
Pol Frias - pol@thepeoplewhoshare.com (also spanish/castellano)
Cândida Rato - candida@thepeoplewhoshare.com (also portuguese/português)

Patience Mushidi – patience@thepeoplewhoshare.com (French / francais / German / deutsch


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