About Global Sharing Week

About Global Sharing Week

Global Sharing Week is an annual celebration of sharing. At the heart of this event is the question ‘Can sharing change the world?’ By highlighting the myriad ways sharing is creating an impact, it helps millions discover and participate in the sharing economy – a socioeconomic movement promoting the sharing of, and access to, resources, while putting people and planet first.

Created by The People Who Share, Global Sharing Week highlights the importance of community, cooperative enterprises, commons-based projects and building a healthy, sustainable society based around sharing. Since its founding, it has reached over 100 million people worldwide, with over 354 registered events across all continents.

Alongside founding partner, Shareable, we work with a network of over 300 partners to shine a spotlight on the growing sharing economy to enable millions more discover how sharing can transform society and lives. This year, Global Sharing Week 2018 takes place on June 3rd-10th.

To learn about more about how you can get involved next year, visit our Resources page.

And don’t forget! Post photos of your event on the Global Sharing Week Flickr page

How it all started…

In 2012, The People Who Share organized National Sharing Day—a day to celebrate sharing and encourage people to share. National Sharing Day was a huge success and became Global Sharing Day that same year.

In June 2015 we took things up a notch, and created Global Sharing Week with activities and campaigns happening all over the world. The success of

Global Sharing Week 2014 and 2015 grew from a small gathering of people in the UK, to millions participating all around the world. 

Explore photos of Global Sharing Week 2015, 2016 and 2017, where you’ll also find our list of partners.

Check out the reports from the previous years here:

Global Sharing Week 2015 Report  

Global Sharing Day 2014 Report

This year we are delighted to have Ugenie as the official Global Sharing Week 2018 sponsor. Ugenie provides affordable digital hubs to organisations to smartly engage their audiences through combining the functionalities of social media with the privacy, control and attentiveness of their own app. As one of Ugenie's core values is to make technology accessible, they also offer the platform for free for non-profit organisations, who can use it to organise volunteers, staff and donors.

We are also proud to welcome FareShare as our charity partner. FareShare is the UK’s largest charity tackling hunger and food waste.


You can get a lot of answers on our Resources page. If you still have questions, you can contact our team:

Benita Matofska, Founder - benita@thepeoplewhoshare.com (English)

Mary Valiakas, Comms - mary@thepeoplewhoshare.com (also Greek/French/Italian)

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