Global Sharing Week 2018

June 3rd-10th


Celebrate the social impact of sharing

The world is being transformed by sharing. And there's no better time to
discover just how much of impact it has than Global Sharing Week. Add
your sharing event to the GSW map and help us shift the focus away from
what’s wrong with the world, to what’s right with it. No event is too small,
no act of sharing too insignificant. From individuals to corporations, our
annual mass engagement campaign is the largest because it celebrates all
the wonders of the sharing economy.
This year's theme? Social impact.
The sharing economy is the Future of Life. As it transforms the very fabric of
society, this year we're highlighting all the good in the world brought about by
sharing. Taking place between June 3rd to 10th  Global Sharing Week events
happen all over the world. You can find and register events on our global map.
Where You Come In
Did you know there are over £3.5 trillion worth of idle human and physical
resources in the world – and that unlocking access to these could solve major
global challenges? So get your Global Sharing Week event on the map to give the
sharing economy movement that extra bit of momentum. 
Examples of events can include: clothes swaps, food shares, disco soups, picnics,
skills swaps, grub clubs, give and get markets, potluck dinners, bake shares, co-
working hackathons, maker fairs, reuse / recycling events – you name it. Check
our 7 awesome ways to get involved.
Who can join?
Anyone can register an event. As long as it unlocks access to skills, knowledge,
time, goods, food etc, it’s definitely Global Sharing Week material. So register
your event, and join the ranks of sharers putting the Sharing Economy on the
Last year, Global Sharing Week 2017 saw over 354 events take place in 113
cities, across 34 countries on every continent! It was a tremendous success and
we reached over 5.5 million Twitter accounts. We’re confident, this year we can
do better.

There are 130 registered events.

Host an event or find events near you:

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 01:00 PM
    Club ING (B1 level) in Seongnam, South Korea

    Brunch English

    Big welcomes

    Do not hesitate to join this meet up. Our old members kindly welcome you.

    This is No lesson Class. No institution.

    We are Just a group with all member love to study English and to learn other culture.

    Come to our hompage, if you want to know Discussion Topics for this Sunday. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

    How to join us

    : Contact leader SOO via Kakao (Kakao ID :[masked] / Phone :[masked])

    When you register our language exchange, please let us know
    1.Your name
    3.How long you stay in Korea

    or 한국인은 반드시 아래 '네이버 카페'에서 신청해주세요.


    * We don't register by meet up

    more info

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 01:00 PM




    This is an opportunity to meet Professional English Language teachers with years of experience, exchange friends while learning English with fun in a friendly environment.
    Lessons Includes but not limited to:

    · English preparation

    · Conversation

    · Writing , reading , listening

    · Grammar

    · Practical, every day English

    · Business presentations

    · Public speaking

    · Academic vocabulary

    · Children education+ films+ podcasts

    This is Japan friends Network and its FREE, if you need a language exchange partner, you are welcome!



















    連絡先:ビクター [masked]


    more info

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 01:30 PM

    Sunset Picnic English&Japanese Chat/FREE Shot&Snacks 国際交流サンセットピクニック@代々木公­園

    English / 日本語🎥Event Movie様子が分かる動画☆☆Yoyogi park Sunset Picnic Fun Chat & Friending, Games FREE SHOT & FREE SNACKS ☆☆ Do you like a Picnic with Internationals and Locals on Your weekend?? Do you want a oppotunity to make new friends in Tokyo?? Do you like a Sunset time? Would you like to make a networking in Tokyo ?? Do you like a Traveler? YES, You can have a great experience & Feeling relaxing moment & chatting, drinking & eating at International Sunset Picnic.
    夕日を浴びながら、飲んだり話したり、ゲームをしたり食べたり、チリアウトなリラックス音楽を聴きながら、国際交流ピクニックを楽しみましょう♬♬ 無料のお菓子や無料の1ショットがついています。
    ☆We can have a relaxing moment with international ppl on the green during sunset moment at Yoyogi park. Please come to bring your blanket or warm clothes .

    more info

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 01:00 PM
    Brotzeit in Singapore, Singapore

    German Language Exchange Group

    Hi Friends,

    Since there are still quite a number of members interested in learning or practicing German, we'll make this a weekly event.

    However, because of the uncertainty of NATIVE German language speakers attending each session, it could be good if either you have some prior German experience or knowledge that you could converse a little bit with other members. OR, each member could bring some materials RELATED TO German language learning (e.g. textbooks, or articles, or grammar or vocabulary lists, etc.) so that you could impart some of your freshly learned knowledge to other members. Let's try this out for a few sessions, and when we can get some regular attendees or the format could be fixed, then we'll stick to a pattern of group learning.

    Thanks again for all interested members!! Let's try to work this out!!~~~~~

    +++ Update: We changed the venue. Now Brotzeit at 313@Somerset +++
    +++ Brotzeit at 313@Somerset, 2nd Floor. We have Aircon and a nice place for communication.

    *** We get 10% Discount of the whole menu ***

    Addis (Cang Xuan)

    • What to bring
    Pls bring your smartphones so that you could send each other digital information.

    • Important to know: If you COULD NOT attend on the day, PLEASE have the courtesy of changing your status to "NO" so that the organizer or group leader could have a better sense of the situation beforehand. Thanks.

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 02:00 PM

    Language Exchange Kyoto



    @ラブトライブ LAB. TRIBE


    Hey everyone!

    This time, will have Language Exchange at following date and place.


    It’s a free event, please come and join us!
    Looking forward to seeing you all!!


    more info

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 07:00 AM

    Arthritis Foundation's Walk/Run

    Hi there! We are looking for Artists and Creative Minded people to join our group. We are a group that not only appreciates art in all it's forms but also gets together to do art and hold art shows. London has such a vibrant and growing Arts scene that we want to support and continue to be a part of! Sorry, we are currently at capacity, but if you think you would be a good fit for our group, please put your name on our waiting list. A little more about us ... We are people in our 30's & 40's, singles and couples who very much enjoy exploring and supporting the area's many vibrant & unique festivals, markets, galleries, theaters, restaurants, clubs and historic sites. We enjoy book launches, educational talks and visiting scientific landmarks. To date some of our members have held their very own successful group Art Show. This was quite an amazing experience for all us involved:) Annual $ 10 membership fee. Til we meet, Lily, Melissa, Frank and Wendy ! *** this meetup group only caters to active members. inactive members are always removed. be prepared to join us and get out on the town! ***


    more info

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 02:15 PM

    FREE Language Exchange - English / Cantonese

    Language Exchange - Hong Kong is a local and international community of language learners of all levels that come together to improve their language skills and make great friends.

    In this community, people from different cultures and linguistic backgrounds will have the opportunity to sharpen their language skills, while helping others to do the same. Currently we do weekly language exchanges with English, Cantonese and Mandarin and select special events in other languages. Its lots of fun and it's free!

    Language Exchange usually starts with a fun ice breaker that gets people talking, then moves to a quick vocabulary lesson. After this, the bulk of the time is spent on actual conversation with each other. At the end of the exchange you will be a better speaker and have a bunch of new friends!

    We have fun games and activities that utilize our knowledge of English or Cantonese to learn new grammar points and practice our conversation skills through various weekly topics that are applicable to use in your everyday speaking life.

    Try “Speed Swap” - Use the grammar points learnt in class to practice in one on one conversations with a wide variety of people!
    This is a chance to have quick conversations with people, without feeling the pressure to hold a conversation!

    Try “Group Chat” - Make friends both international and Chinese as you practice points learnt in class in group discussions!
    This is a relaxed way to chat openly in the language of your choice and lean new things about your friends!

    Who can you meet at Language Exchange?

    - At Language Exchange we have people from all over the world!
    Meet people from countries like America, Australia, the UK, Europe, Canada and some funny countries you have never even heard of! These people are studying or working in Hong Kong as teachers and business people, bringing a wide variety of skill and background to Language Exchange Hong Kong!

    - It’s also a chance to meet Chinese, who may be studying to enhance their English skill like you, or are looking to exchange their native language for yours! Whoever you meet at Language Exchange Hong Kong, you are sure to learn new and exciting things as well as make friends for life!

    Do I need to have any previous English/Cantonese/Mandarin skill?

    - No, you don’t need any previous language skill, Language Exchange Hong Kong is bilingual so you won’t have any problems understanding! Just come with the confidence to learn something new!

    Do I have to speak in a foreign language?

    - No, Language Exchange Hong Kong is a relaxed and friendly environment, we encourage people to speak and learn something new, but there are no requirements to speak if you are uncomfortable.

    Do I need to bring any English or Cantonese textbook?

    - Language Exchange Hong Kong, is based on conversation skill and grammar points, sometimes we will teach from textbooks, but it is not necessary to bring your own.

    Can Language Exchange Hong Kong help me with my upcoming english exam?

    - Yes, we focus primarily on speaking, however this can aid you in your examinations and give you the boost you need. We also focus on grammar points based used in TOEIC .

    Does Language Exchange Hong Kong have age limits?

    - No, there are no age limits, young and old Language Exchange Hong Kong is for everyone!

    Who runs Language Exchange Hong Kong?

    - We are run by international volunteers living in Hong Kong. Anyone can volunteer, including you. Email us if you are interested to volunteer.

    Why is Language Exchange Hong Kong free?

    The venue, equipment, and resources are all provided to Language Exchange Hong Kong by Lifehouse International Church ( This is provided as a service to the local community with minimal cost.

    For more information you can contact us at

    Or check out our website

    Language Exchange Hong Kong on social media:



    Instagram: @lexhkg (

    Check out our friends in Japan: ( ( ( ( (


    more info

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 01:15 PM

    Free the Voice: I speak my authentic voice

    Gather the Women Bangkok is part of a global sisterhood that connects women through circles. We create a safe place to share our true selves. Gather the Women has Circles in many countries and on every continent! By finding our voices, claiming our power and celebrating our self-worth, we become the positive CHANGE we want to see in our world! Circles are the heart of Gather the Women. Circles have the power to transform the world—woman by woman, circle by circle! A circle is a gathering in the form of actually sitting in a circle and following general guidelines that facilitate authentic conversation. The circle form is nonhierarchical—everyone’s input holds equal importance. It fosters listening to and learning from every participant. Gather the Women is a global community of diverse women transforming distances, differences, and isolation into opportunities for collaboration and leadership. We invite each of you to take the next step in activating the incredible power of women’s wisdom.


    more info

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 03:30 PM

    rinks with Fun Language Exchange

    English/日本語 Event's video🎥雰囲気がわかる動画をcheck! Would you like to learn & speak Japanese ? Do you want to meet local people in Tokyo? Do you want to make friends in Toyko? This event is for you! 英語をもっと話せるようになりたいですか?Do you want to have a English time after working and studying?

    ★☆Exciting & Fun Language Exchange at British Pub "HUB Takadanobaba"☆★
    《SPECIAL CAMPAIGN for Non-Japanese student》

    We provide "Topics Card" to help your communication.

    ♪ Good news for you ♪
    Deliver our information of discount, campaign and weekly events' schedule by LINE! LINEでWelcomeTokyoのディスカウント・キャンペーン・定期情報を配信中!
    LINE :

    *BRING your ID, please. We have to check that you're not under 20 at entrance, even if you're over 20.

    It's only 2hours...

    For Non-Japanese ; to improve your Japanese skill, make more Japanese friend, get more connections in Japan.

    For Japanese ; to progress your English listening&speaking skill, make new friends, look for language exchange partner, build new relationship.

    For travelers ; to learn useful Japanese phrase, meet local people in Tokyo, get good information about places, food, travel and all you need to know about Japan.

    It doesn't matter that you can't speak Japanese or English if you are interesed in that;)

    About this event ...

    ・Basically 20-40ppl are coming

    ・50-60% of the attendees are Non-Japanese

    ・Topics card for everyone to speak English

    ・Changing seats to give everyone the chance to speak with each others

    ・The venue is easy to find out if you are late meeting time

    At our event there is a schedule of 20 minutes of English conversation followed by 20 minutes of Japanese conversation an so on.

    Starting 16:00〜 closing 18:00

    ①English conversation 20 minutes 16:00 16:20

    ②Japanese conversation 20 minutes 16:20 16:40

    ③English conversation 20 minutes 16:50 17:10

    ④Japanese conversation 20 minutes 17:10 17:30

    ⑤English 15 minutes 17:30 17:45

    ⑥Japanese 10 minutes 17:45 17:55

    Our reservation will finish at 18:00. In case that you stay longer after the event, please leave the pub once & re-entry with your friends as regular customer.

    【 The venue 】

    We have a reservation for our guests at the most busy British pub in Tokyo. It's only a few minutes from the station. It's a reasonable priced menu, drinks start @ 400yen. (

    【 Details 】

    ・Meeting point & time : Waseda exit (out of ticket gate) of JR Takadanobaba station 3:45pm and 3:55pm

    ・Party time : 16:00 - 18:00

    ・Entrance Fee : 500yen

    ・Place : HUB Takadanobaba *1-27-3 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo (map) *There are 2 HUB in Takadanobaba, and our venue is BIG one.

    ・How to join : Click "going" on Facebook or RSVP on meetup in advance. *No reservation is 500yen UP.

    ※Important ---

    If you come to HUB store directly, please come to venue after 3:55pm. We can not use a space before 4:00pm. It's contract between company each.

    more info

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 12:00 AM through June 04, 2018
    Stratton Mountain Trailhead in Stratton, VT

    Stratton Mountain Hike

    To register for this event, please see the full trip description and contact the trip leader. Start time and other trip details will be emailed to participants a week before the event:

    Come join us for an early June hike in Vermont! Stratton is on the list of New England's Hundred Highest, and measures in at just under 4000 (3940) feet. We will be hiking via a section of Vermont's Long Trail, with an out and back hike that measures at approximately 7.6 miles. The majority of the hike is in tree cover, culminating with a clearing and fire tower at the top. Stratton offers phenomenal views of the Green Mountains and Southern Vermont. The climb to the summit is steady, and this hike is of moderate difficulty. We will be gaining just under 1800 feet of elevation in under 4 miles meaning that, even if you have not done a ton of hiking but are in good shape, this would be a good hike for you! We will be hiking at a 1.5-2 mile per hour pace. If you have previous hiking experience, and/or are a peak bagger, come join us for some early summer fun!

    This hike is being hosted by the Young Members (20s and 30s), but ALL ARE WELCOME. We'd love to see you, and to help you get outdoors.

    more info

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