Global Sharing Week 2018

June 3rd-10th


Celebrate the social impact of sharing

The world is being transformed by sharing. And there's no better time to
discover just how much of impact it has than Global Sharing Week. Add
your sharing event to the GSW map and help us shift the focus away from
what’s wrong with the world, to what’s right with it. No event is too small,
no act of sharing too insignificant. From individuals to corporations, our
annual mass engagement campaign is the largest because it celebrates all
the wonders of the sharing economy.
This year's theme? Social impact.
The sharing economy is the Future of Life. As it transforms the very fabric of
society, this year we're highlighting all the good in the world brought about by
sharing. Taking place between June 3rd to 10th  Global Sharing Week events
happen all over the world. You can find and register events on our global map.
Where You Come In
Did you know there are over £3.5 trillion worth of idle human and physical
resources in the world – and that unlocking access to these could solve major
global challenges? So get your Global Sharing Week event on the map to give the
sharing economy movement that extra bit of momentum. 
Examples of events can include: clothes swaps, food shares, disco soups, picnics,
skills swaps, grub clubs, give and get markets, potluck dinners, bake shares, co-
working hackathons, maker fairs, reuse / recycling events – you name it. Check
our 7 awesome ways to get involved.
Who can join?
Anyone can register an event. As long as it unlocks access to skills, knowledge,
time, goods, food etc, it’s definitely Global Sharing Week material. So register
your event, and join the ranks of sharers putting the Sharing Economy on the
Last year, Global Sharing Week 2017 saw over 354 events take place in 113
cities, across 34 countries on every continent! It was a tremendous success and
we reached over 5.5 million Twitter accounts. We’re confident, this year we can
do better.

There are 130 registered events.

Host an event or find events near you:

  • Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 07:15 PM
    The Beer Hunter in Oeiras, Portugal

    To Speak freely -English / Portuguese

    What are we going to do

    The group's aim is to practise Portuguese & English, allowing Portuguese to improve their spoken English skills while also providing a similar opportunity for other nationalities to develop Portuguese conversation. It's envisaged the group will commence weekly meetings in March on Monday, between 19h30 & 22h00 . The Beer Hunter - Oeiras - near the train station.

    What do you have to bring

    Willingness to learn and speak freely.
    It doesn't matter if you speak with mistakes, we all way need improving!!
    Do not be afraid and lets go!

    Come and try it!!


    more info

  • Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 07:30 PM

    Japanese/Chinese to Korean language Exchange

    Our Goals:

    1. To encourage you to learn and practice your Korean language skills. We can't wait to meet you regardless of your level, so don't be shy and participate a lot!

    2. To create a strong, safe, open community where Korean culture can be exchanged among those of many different cultures--whether you're Korean, American, or from somewhere else entirely.

    3. Above all, we want to provide a safe environment for learning and cultural exchange. With that in mind please respect your fellow members each and every time that you attend a meetup event.

    4. To promote deeper understanding of each other's culture, whether it may be Korean, American, or any other culture. We want to appreciate and celebrate the diversity in our community even though main focus is on Korean culture and language.

    *Please note that this is not a dating meetup

    If you do not agree or interest in the stated goals and purpose of this meetup, please look for other group. We ask you to share the common goals and ideas. We ask you to participate in gatherings and events to promote the same goals and shared ideas.

  • Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 08:00 PM

    Abu Dhabi Speaks! Language & Culture Exchange

    Speakers of all languages meet up for fun conversation. We are proud to be the first group created in Abu Dhabi for Language & culture exchange. We started almost over 4 years ago, wow! how time flies!

    We chat in different languages each session mixing native speakers of different languages. Each session is an opportunity for networking, meeting new friends, learning about new cultures over a cup of coffee, and have fun!

    We love languages, learning about different cultures, socializing. Chating and having coffee.

    What happens at our sessions?

    Mixing native speakers from different languages, our aim is you can learn or improve your conversation skills for the language of your interest.

    So depending on who comes each time, we will organize the tables according to Languages requirements. For example, if you are a native Arabic speaker wanting to learn or practice French, you will seat at a table to chat with a French speaker looking to learn or practice Arabic. All languages and nationalities are welcome to join.

    We also host social night outs, dinners, weekends away, etc, etc. to everyone who wishes to join. Also we do our best to get wonderful benefits for our members. The most important: we want you to feel comfortable at our sessions, have fun and feel part of Abu Dhabi Speaks family :-D

    So Yalla! take a note pad, a pen, or just yourself, come and start to talk. A new friend is waiting for you just there. Make sure you invite all your colleagues, friends, friends of friends, and whoever you see around to join this group, the more the merrier!


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  • Friday, June 01, 2018 at 06:00 PM through June 03, 2018

    5th Annual Sacramento Black Book Fair

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 08:30 AM

    International Breakfast ! 国際朝ごはん!Language Exchange


    ※meetup signをもっているオーガナイザーがいるから

    📅5/29(WED) 08:30- 09:45
    🗺TBD すすきのマック
    🏠TBD 札幌市中央区南4条西4−16



    Let's have breakfast together!
    Good things happen when we start the day right!
    Lets begin a wonderful and great new day TOGETHER!

    If 8:30 seems a little too early, don't worry.
    We are also meeting later at Mercure hotel find us here!

    ※Look for the organizer holding the "meetup" sign.
    Don't be shy and come and say Hi!

    📅5/29(WED) 08:30- 09:45
    🗺MC Donalds susukino
    🏠4 Chome-16 Minami 4 Jonishi, Chuo, Sapporo,

    Language Exchange is sponsored by Life house Sapporo ( as a free service to our community. We are an international Christian church but this event has no church related content.]


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  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 01:30 AM through June 04, 2018

    PhotoEdit: Moda

    Continuamos practicando la edición fotográfica y con nuestra tarea periódica de procesado.

    PhotoEdit es una idea en la que intentaremos desarrollar nuestras habilidades de edición y retoque fotográfico.

    ¿En qué consiste?
    Proporcionamos una foto en formato RAW (que la podrás descargar desde el enlace que está más abajo). Tendrás que procesarla y editarla libremente, cambiando ajustes, balance de color, exposición, recortes, enfoque, reducción de ruido, limpieza de manchas, eliminación de objetos o cualquier cosa que quieras, considerando tu propio estilo y gusto personal. No hay ninguna restricción para la edición y podrás usar el programa de tu preferencia.

    Al día siguiente de la fecha propuesta, él elegirá la edición del procesado que más le guste y lo anunciará por este mismo medio, y para que todos tengamos la oportunidad de aportar propuestas, elegirá a otro anfitrión distinto que no necesariamente sea el que mejor trabajo haya presentado. De ese modo quedará reconocido el que mejor lo haya hecho y al mismo tiempo se estimula al resto para mejorar.
    El nuevo anfitrión elegido, nos tendrá que enviar otra foto RAW propia, la cual será usada para el próximo reto, y esta persona será quien elija al siguiente anfitrión y así sucesivamente.

    Para participar:

    • Únicamente se deberá publicar UNA versión del procesado de la foto.

    • La foto se podrá subir a partir de la fecha indicada durante todo el día, en esta misma web.

    • No hay límite de día de inscripción, te puedes apuntar el mismo día de la actividad.

    • En el título (o pie de foto) se deberá poner un Nombre con el que llamarías a la foto (algo que la foto te sugiere), y en el comentario puedes contarnos sobre el procesamiento que le has hecho a la foto o poner un enlace a tu Web o Blog en donde nos cuentas y muestras el antes y el después.

    Descarga aquí la foto en formato RAW (!Agg4oI9j4U9jmZANvqbvihk2sWnB_Q)

    ¡Anímate a participar y da rienda suelta a tu creatividad!

    Nota: Si quieres interactuar hablando de fotografía, o aportar ideas y localizaciones para próximas salidas con los miembros activos del grupo, te invitamos a unirte a nuestro canal en Telegram: MadFoto Meetup (


    more info 

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 12:00 PM

    Auckland English Speaking Club

    Please visit our group website where you can find helpful information about English language and New Zealand

    This group is dedicated to all people who are interested in speaking English language.

    All skill levels and ages are welcome.

    In this meet up you will:

    • improve your English skills;

    • build your confidence;

    • meet new people.

    We are the people are passionate about learning Language.

    We want to help people to gain confidence and at the same time meet people from different cultural and have good time .
    Please ask any questions you have and provide any feedback to make this group better.

    So come and join this big family of AUCKLAND ENGLISH SPEAKING CLUB.

  • Sunday morning Language exchange

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 08:30 AM

    Sunday Bootcamp @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

    Follow Google maps for location: Link (


    more info

  • Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 09:45 AM
    The India Club in Kobe, Japan

    Language Exchange 語学交流会

    Please exit Sannomiya Station and walk north on Kitano-zaka.

    After the third traffic light, the venue will be on the right.

    Look out for our special events!

    Language Exchange Kobe is sponsored by Lifehouse International Church but has no Church related content.

    Language Exchange Kobe uses Lifehouse Kobe's facilities free of charge. Lifehouse Osaka is an international church and gives it to LEX for free to serve the community. Enjoy!



    More info

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